KLIB Convention 2009 Speakers

Batik Malaysia: Exquisite Heritage of Ancient Motif

by Dr. Achmad Sopandi Hasan
Faculty of Language and Art
State University of Jakarta

This study is intended to give a picture of the significance of prehistory motive in Batik industrial, with emphasis on cave painting in the Malaysia. However, considering the present state of researching and documenting in this field In this field. Ancient motive is product developed for the treatment of user-friendly and environmental-friendly and easy to use. The motive from cave painting of local in the lime stone sequence in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak or other tropical region. The area of study consist of district prehistory site in Lenggong, Perak that is the Gua Badak, is also known the painted cave because of charcoal drawing found and hematite on the cave wall.

The methodology of field study, observation, interviews, analysis of the condition of cave painting. Its is the first product to produce in the form of design. The research utilizes natural elements such as the cave painting, and other items that can be found locally, as alternative to design in the production of batik and handicrafts. This product has very high potential for commercial production.

A significant contribution of the research is the development of a sense of belonging and an appreciation of our cultural heritage.  Cave painting motive has great potential in contributing to the continuity of global civilization. It is a cultural heritage with social-cultural and social economic prospects. Industrial Batik has now come of age, with new discoveries contributing to our understanding of the past.